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PNDP was first formed in early 2015 as an ideal type of dress code for men & women but never took hold until late 2016 where this idea became fabric stitching manufacturing a type of look cut and feel to the idea, which eventually became a plush clothing range.


Away from the normal state of mind to how UK clothing should look we have put our unique spin to what we feel that the UK population should aspire to dress like, look like, feel like and vibe like.

We set ourselves apart from the normal design of clothing new old classic, classy and just way out of the consensus way of fashion.


In your face like it or not we are more concerned in pleasing the weird free thinking plush flamboyant top level men and women that take risks all the time in their day 2 day life.


Our main movement is to design High Quality Designs and give you everything you didn't expect to see for a UK clothing brand under our father company Gideon Dimerous.

GIDEON DIMEROUS copyright trademark 2023

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